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Queensland dredging

Tourist info board at Cairns

Tourist info board at Cairns

I’ve transcribed the text of the tourism information board below for mobile device users:

Three years later in 1922 a visiting writer recorded on his arrival at the Strand Hotel that,

The white beach invited our attention first and we strolled along it. It stretched like a band of pearl and saffron along the blue water’s rim, dotted with palm trees, giant fig trees, and flame trees just bursting into flower .

However, 14 years later in 1936 – after the dredge had been operating for 23 years – the editor of the Bendigo Advertiser observed at the foreshore at Cairns, “at low tide…the receding water leaves a rather unsightly mudflat…”

And Cairns’ “band of pearl and saffron” today looks like this:

cairns beach mudflats

Cairns’ “band of pearl and saffron”

Far North Queensland cinemas

I was contacted recently by Cinema and Theatres Historic Society Victoria who wanted to know if there was still a cinema in Silkwood and, if so, was it possible to send a photograph. By sheer coincidence I had taken a few pix of the old Rex cinema in Cairns so I thought I’d try and document any remaining cinemas on the Cassowary Coast. They are all built in the local version of Art Deco.

There are a few that I haven’t managed to photograph yet but when my camera is working again I shall add to this post.

Rex Cinema, Cairns

Rex Cinema, Cairns

Rex Cinema, Cairns

Rex Cinema, Cairns

Rex Cinema, Cairns

Rex Cinema, Cairns

Shortly after taking the snaps of the Rex it made the news:

Legal stoush erupts over theatre demolition

Council considers theatre demolition bid

Theatre demise disappoints heritage advocates

The Rex is no more so it was fortunate that I grabbed these photos while it was still standing.

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Taking the hiss

Giant snake to be removed from boat club

Reinforcements will be called in to help two snake handlers remove a giant python from an abandoned building in Cairns in far north Queensland.

Aaron Chapman from the Kuranda Venom Zoo says a smaller python lifted his colleague off the ground when they tried to catch it in the Yorkeys Knob Boating Club this week.

Yep, it must be snake season already. The stingers will be here soon, no doubt.

Via the ABC. Read the full piece here.