We have attempted to write a privacy policy that you don’t have to be a lawyer with a computer science degree to understand. Feel free to leave a comment if you want anything clarified or you think may help improve the policy.

The Five Second Privacy Policy

We promise that we will not use your information for anything other than your intended purpose and will make all possible efforts to keep your information private and secure. Need more detail? Read on:

The Slightly Longer Version
Information you give to us when you view

You may not know this but whenever you look at any Web site you give the following information about yourself:

1. Your computer’s IP address
2. Your browser
3. Your operating system
4. Your screen size
5. Which pages you view
6. The page that linked you to here

We cannot tell simply by looking at these who you are (although we can make an educated guess if you have previously visited the site and left a comment).

Information you give to us when you leave a comment on

There are potentially four pieces of information:

1. Name – This can be anything you choose.
2. Email address – Likewise.
3. Your Web site URL – Entirely optional.
4. Your IP address – No options: It’s assigned to you when you connect to the Internet.

Keeping your information secure

Locally held data:

The site automatically emails us whenever someone leaves a comment. We keep all email correspondence encrypted for both your and our security.

Data held by our hosting company:

We have chosen our hosting supplier carefully but we cannot be held responsible for their actions. Please read their privacy policy.

Data selling or sharing:

We will not, under any circumstances, sell or share any information about you.

Legal exceptions

If we are required to assist the courts we have no choice. However, we will only hand over the absolute minimum required by law.

And finally…

Australian Privacy Law reform 2014

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