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openSUSE vs Windows 7

Desktop customisation: openSUSE13.2 vs Windows 7 Starter edition

The starter edition has little in the way of options. You can move the taskbar and that’s about it. You can’t even change the desktop wallpaper.

Windows 7 Starter edition

Windows 7 Starter edition


The openSUSE desktop is endlessly tweakable. Here’ a grab of the same cheap netbook computer running openSUSE 13.2

openSUSE 13.2

openSUSE 13.2

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About Cuba

“The Cubans must be slightly irritated at appearing on a list of terrorist states, given that the country that produced the list has formulated more than 300 plots to assassinate their president.” – Mark Steel

“Remember, we’re not supporting the Cuban economy, merely burning their fields.” – Kinky Friedman on cigars

“Ironically, Reagan’s official rationale for his Grenada assault was that Cuban commies were on the island. This is ironic because the Cubans are still there. Reagan brought war to the island, then left, the Cubans came back and, far from being a menace, have helped the impoverished Grenadians with such basic needs as building a new hospital. If any members of Ollies tourist brigade get sick, they could be treated there for free. Now there’s a lesson in international relations: Make health, not war.” – Jim Hightower

Vegetarian noodle soup

Vegetarian noodle soup

Vegetarian noodle soup

There is no hard and fast recipe for this dish. It varies every time I make it. Here’s the basic version:

Required for two large servings:

Four cakes of dry noodles.
Large saucepan.
Seven cups of water.
One bag of frozen vegetables.
Assorted herbs and spices such as:
Chives, Moroccan mix, Thai mix, ABC sauce, Massel “chicken” or vegetable seasoning, Ayam satay powder, black pepper, dry fried onions.


The seven cups of water go in the saucepan and place on cooker.

As the water is heating add the frozen veg. Add the herbs and spices. Amounts are whatever you fancy but a heaped teaspoon of each is a good starting point. Give it a good stir.

When the water has reached boiling point add the four cakes of noodles and separate with a pasta hook.

Boil for another two to three minutes.

Serves into large bowls.

Garnish with more dry fried onions and chives.


If you like it more soupy you can add another cup of water. Likewise if you like it more noodly add another cake.

This recipe is probably vegan too. Check your ingredients to be sure.

Lots of other herbs and spices work with the basic recipe. Experimentation can be rewarding. I add chili sauce to mine, for example.

Grated cheese, added while serving, is another variation.

Total preparation and cooking time should be less than ten minutes.