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About Cuba

“The Cubans must be slightly irritated at appearing on a list of terrorist states, given that the country that produced the list has formulated more than 300 plots to assassinate their president.” – Mark Steel

“Remember, we’re not supporting the Cuban economy, merely burning their fields.” – Kinky Friedman on cigars

“Ironically, Reagan’s official rationale for his Grenada assault was that Cuban commies were on the island. This is ironic because the Cubans are still there. Reagan brought war to the island, then left, the Cubans came back and, far from being a menace, have helped the impoverished Grenadians with such basic needs as building a new hospital. If any members of Ollies tourist brigade get sick, they could be treated there for free. Now there’s a lesson in international relations: Make health, not war.” – Jim Hightower


Winston Churchill:

“One of the most important signs of the existence of a democracy is that when there is a knock at the door at 5 in the morning, one is completely certain that it is the milkman.”


Former UK defence minister Geoff Hoon:

“Umm Qasr is a city similar to Southampton.”

British squaddie patrolling Umm Qasr:

“He’s either never been to Southampton, or he’s never been to Umm Qasr. There’s no beer, no prostitutes and people are shooting at us. It’s more like Portsmouth.”