Sitting and waiting

We are sitting in the council building in Tully. It’s cyclone-proof so we should be Ok. Cyclone Yasi is due to cross the coast close to here around 2300-2400 so I don’t think we’ll be getting too much sleep later.

Everyone is busy with various tasks, such as taping windows and getting their bedding arranged for later. I think food prep will be happening soon as the power is due to be shut down in a while and candlelit dinner has a different meaning today.

There are about 18 people here including kids of various ages. Three of us are veterans of Cyclone Larry, fielding phone calls and personal visits from residents and tourists alike after the storm has passed. We slept in Lisa’s office after Larry as we couldn’t get back to the beach due to flooding. I think it will be fallen trees that keep us here this time.

There’s a good spirit despite the wind and rain increasing all the time. Photography is not a smart idea right now so no pics yet.

I’ll write more later assuming we still have an Internet connection. It’s very flaky now

Can’t send or read any email right either. Port issues.