3 thoughts on “In the eye

  1. judy

    Hello getting your message loud and clear. You are a lot more informative than the T.V. which seems to be more interested in Cairns and Townsville. Stay safe to all sheltering in the Civic Centre.

    Judy and Phil

  2. judy

    Hello again, ABC radio reporting on Yasi is excelent ,seems Taylor St.was hit hard. Iam so glad you left home and took all your precausions with the house.Hope these messages will give you some comfort Love Mum

    1. pete Post author

      We’re all Ok, thanks. House is standing but really needs a structural engineer because it’s worse than it looks at first glance. Lisa is back at work and looks happier than she has for a few days. We have drinking water and sometimes ice. Hopefully phones will be back soon. I’m at the council offices right now waiting for Lisa to finish work.

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