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Tropical Cyclone Yasi

Tropical Cyclone Anthony is a bit of a worry for those directly in its path but if the predictions are correct it won’t be much worse than TC Tasha was on Christmas day.  Tropical Cyclone Yasi is sitting behind Anthony, currently heading this way and is a bit bigger than TC Anthony.

Here is the NOAA MTSAT IR Colourised Loop for the southern hemisphere.

This is a still from the animated colourised loop if you happen to be browsing on a device that doesn’t support Flash (iPhone, iPad, etc)

NOAA MTSAT Infrared Colourised Image Loop

NOAA MTSAT Infrared Colourised Image Loop

And this is the US Navy’s predicted track map for Cyclone Yasi:

Tropical Cyclone Yasi Track Map

Tropical Cyclone Yasi Track Map

I’m hoping they have this wrong.

Edit: From the BoM three day outlook issued at 1547:

Potential Cyclones:
No other significant lows are expected to develop or move into the region on Monday, however Tropical Cyclone Yasi is currently located near Vanuatu and forecast to move west into the Coral Sea on Tuesday. Likelihood of a new tropical cyclone occurring in the Eastern Region on:

Monday: Low
Tuesday: High

NOTE: The likelihood is an estimate of the chance of each system being a tropical cyclone in the Region for each day.
Very low: less than 5% Low: 5% – 20%
Moderate: 20% – 50% High: Over 50%

Please note: These maps are only here as a living record of passing cyclones from the viewpoint of an ordinary FNQer. The info presented is out of date as soon as it is posted. If you want the latest information you should always check the BoM Cyclone page.