3 thoughts on “Old view vs new view

  1. judy

    Now you can understand why I want to remember how Silkwood, Tully Heads and Tully, in fact the whole area before the cyclone . Unfortunately I saw quite a lot of the destruction on T.V. especially Cardwell and Sth. Misson Beach to name a few. Thank for keeping us up to date with this blog. Love you.

    1. pete Post author

      Give it three or four years and the forest will be back to normal, the houses will be rebuilt to modern standards and everything will be all right again. Look at Innisfail after Larry; it scrubbed pretty well.

      These cyclones have been coming through here for millennia and it always recovers. Tully and the other affected towns may even benefit in the long term.

  2. judy

    Yes it is amazing how nature manages to heal it’s self. Well the date was 3.3.11 yesterday and I do believe there is a wedding anniversary to celebrate. Hope you had a happy one from us all at No.6 Love you lots.

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