Cyclone season

The Bureau Of Meteorology outlook for the cyclone season is up:

Seasonal Outlook 2010-11 for Queensland and the Coral Sea Region

Summary: La Nina boosts the odds of Queensland having an active cyclone season.

Queensland may experience above average tropical cyclone activity this coming season, with up to six cyclones developing in the Coral Sea. It is also likely to be wetter than normal in most parts.

The Bureau of Meteorology’s Queensland Regional Director, Jim Davidson, said this is because we’re now in a La Nina climate phase, which he expects will remain the dominating influence through the Spring and Summer months.

La Nina events are usually associated with above normal rainfall across much of Queensland and enhanced tropical cyclone activity in the Coral Sea.

Mr Davidson said “What this translates to is where historically we could expect an average of four cyclones a season in the Coral Sea, we now expect the number to be potentially higher, but the number of cyclones actually making landfall can be quite variable from season to season.”

“However, under these conditions, we have a good chance of a cyclone crossing the coast before the year is out.” he said.

Full version can be read at the BoM site.

It looks like it could an interesting season.