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GetUp! newspaper advert

This Friday, September 25th, campaigning organisation GetUp! will taking a full-page advert in The Australian newspaper. The advert will contain a petition signed by over 100,000 citizens voicing their concerns at planned Internet censorship in Australia. The petition states:

Senator Conroy,

I don’t want draconian government restrictions on the internet that will hold back the digital economy and miss the vast majority of unwanted content.”

Here’s the GetUp! announcement:


Did you know the Government is proposing an internet censorship scheme that goes further than any other democracy in the world? That’s why I’m one of over 100,000 Australians who have signed the petition to Save the Net. Will you join me?

This Friday, our petition will grace the pages of newspapers across the nation. That way the Government, who are due to make a decision any day now, will be left in no doubt as to how deeply unpopular this kind of censorship is in Australia. Can you help me make that petition too large to ignore?


Our Government should be doing all in its power to take Australia into the 21st century economy, and to protect our children. This proposed internet censorship does neither. The plan has even been slammed by children’s welfare groups, who say the filter is “fundamentally flawed” and simply will not work.

Can you join me and children’s welfare groups, internet providers, consumers, engineers, network administrators, and over 100,000 everyday Australians in defence of our freedoms? Let’s make sure this Friday’s newspaper ad has an impact too large to ignore.