Hurtling towards normality

A very big day today.

  • We now have potable water straight from the tap.
  • We have electricity restored.
  • The insurance assessor paid us a visit.

These three things will make a huge difference to us. We can do laundry (currently an Everest-sized pile). We can have hot showers again. We can start the proper clean-up inside now that the assessor has been. We can have cold drinks and store fresh food again. We can have fans to keep us cool and fight the humidity. No more boiling water before we drink it either. No more scrounging a charge for the netbook from the Silkwood Newsagent or the Silkwood Hotel. We have a proper Internet connection via our ISP which means I can read, reply and send email. So many other things too.

Water, food, shelter, power, the basics we all take for granted.

4 thoughts on “Hurtling towards normality

  1. judy

    You’ve got the wash house blues! There does seem to be a bit more organization with the power as Energex say they are getting power to Cardwell and the rest of Tully today.I have managed to start on deweeding the vege garden and the magpies are getting off the grasshoppers for me, plenty of strawberries this year. Hope everything is turning out all right. Love from the four of us.

  2. pam

    Glad to read things are beginning to be slightly normal for you again. although normal pre and post cyclones may be different things now.


    1. pete Post author

      Yes, the work continues but it’s manageable now. The washing machine is up and running so I have three weeks worth of laundry to catch up with 🙂

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